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Lovingly designed and handmade in Malaysia

Malaysia Day 2023

Now available for pre-order! Come adopt our cute harimau now!

LILIT. x Bingka

Discover a captivating collaboration as LILIT. and Bingka unite. Blending Bingka's nostalgic modernity with LILIT.'s inclusive modest fashion, revealing both brand’s distinctive essence.

Nasi Lemak Potluck!

Malaysia's favourite dish!

Happy New Year!

Its time for Angku Kuih to shine!

Reminding You of Home

Check it out now!

Petit Moi x Bingka KL

marrying the joie de vive of Paris with the whimsical of Malaysia

The Malaysian Bird Collection

Inspired by our feathered friends residing in always sunny Malaysia!


Are you team Cendol? Satisfy your cendol cravings with our cendol inspired handcrafted goods!

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