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      Bingka's Story

Bingka's vision is to enrich living spaces and help build an appreciation for Malaysian art through our take on lifestyle products.
We started in December 2015 with the goal of creating affordable and original silkscreen-printed designs.
As Bingka grew, we collaborated with the local community to have these prints made into home décor products and accessories,
resulting in one of a kind pieces that are uniquely handmade in Malaysia.

Bingka's Story

Silkscreen Process (Silkscreen in a Nutshell) Silkscreen is a technique of printing whereby ink is pressed through a fine
 mesh (screen) that is tightly stretched together by a wooden / aluminium frame. A stencil is created beforehand on the screen
so that the ink will only print through the desired area. Screenprinting is usually favoured for its vibrant colours and handmade quality.  
Check out our media coverage here.

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